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Rosallita returns on Jimmy Choosday

She is BACK...... Rosallita has made a dazzling return, with loads of new Jimmy Choo delights recklessly stuffed under her arms. If you read my last post on Jimmy Choo you will have been introduced to Rosallita, she is my alter ego who only appears when I pop on my new Choos. She is totally uninhibited, not ashamed to say she loves the finer things in life. She is super smart and has the kind of self confidence you could only dream of. Its almost as if a magical force takes over me when I pop on Jimmy Choos, a feeling of " Feck. It .All, today I am just going to march around doing nothing, just strutting, and feeling fabulous".

Its not all heels in the range you know, for the vertically challenged amongst us, cast your peepers over these insanely cute flats. These beauties possess an abundance of glitter and an ankle strap, (you would be totally greedy if you were looking for anything else on a shoe!). I have also chosen my two favourite bags from the current collection and a pair of multi strap silver heels, because, you know, why have one strap when you can have four... so says Rosallita.

Click on the Image below to view the full Jimmy Choo Collection

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