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Jimmy Choosday

What do you do when a box from Jimmy Choo lands on your desk with pieces from the Cruise 17 and AW16 collection?, You pop them on, and then you hop up on your table with a bird lamp hanging over your head and get your picture taken. Maybe that's not everyones reaction, but that is just what I did.

Why?, Putting on a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes somehow ignited an inner "divil" in me, my alter ego who I have named Rossalita, (just because). I adore Rossalita, she doesn't worry about scratching the bloody table when she hops up on it, she hoists her skirt up just a tad more than she needs to, you see she puts on her Choos and is a powerhouse. Rossalita also swears that these shoes give you THE BEST toe cleavage, and before you ask, yes toe cleavage does exist.

I think we all need Jimmy Choo to unleash our inner divil every damn day!

Photographer: Emily Quinn

You can see the entire beautiful collection from Jimmy Choo by clicking on the image below

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Ingrid Hoey
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