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Printastic perfection: Welcome, welcome to my first set of scribbles on my site. Thank you for coming and visiting! if you came by accidentally and have no interest thats ok too!, we wont fall out.. I hope you like my online curation of all things I find beautiful and interesting. Some people come over all anxious when you mention prints, particularly clashing prints. They often think "I cant wear that I'll look bonkers!". Granted clashing prints is not for the faint hearted amongst us, but if you would like to gently dip you toe into the pool of prints, and almost have it clashed to perfection for you then read on. Finery is a label that has mapped this somewhat tricky task out for you. This dress is a monster of clashing prints in vibrant colours and yet it works to perfection. I saw it and latched onto its beauty like a jellyfsh does to an unsuspecting swimmer. The dress almost looks like it was made up of two entirely different dresses it shouldn't work, but jesus it does!. As the weather changes simply pop a fitted ( and very fine) black polo neck underneath and Voila! P.S red lip is optional.

Shop the dress here;

Photographer; Emily Quinn.

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Ingrid Hoey
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