Forever in Blue Jeans

Ring out the bells, toot the horn, can I get a drumroll please........

I may have just stumbled upon the most perfect pair of blue jeans that I have ever worn (and I have worn a lot!). They are by the cult Label Frame. Now these guys know how to make denim...

The winning factors for me are, firstly, this pair are high rise. I just cant be doing with the hoisting up of jeans everytime you stand up it drives me bonkers!!.Secondly when you pop these bad boys on they feel so soft, honestly super soft. Ironically, it doesn't feel as if you are wearing denim (if that makes any sense at all). Thirdly, and this explains why I put a dangerously close pic of my ass in the post, they make your behind look good,what more do you want?

The good news is they are on sale at the moment in Brown Thomas reduced from €316 to €189.60. Grab em while you can, you're welcome.

Shop the Frame Jeans I'm wearing here

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